Get the scoop on digital publishing!

Publishing has come a long way from the days of hieroglyphics and papyrus scrolls. Today, digital publishing refers to any format that is distributed electronically rather than being printed. Among the most common choices are Interactive PDF and Fixed Layout or Reflowable EPUB.

Each “flavor” has its own distinct set of supported features and advantages with publishing costs ranging from free all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for custom built apps.

Factors to consider:

  • Content
  • Type of interactivity
  • Extent of interactivity
  • Distribution method(s)
  • Budget

Are you looking for an alternative to Adobe’s “Publish Online?”

Adobe’s Publish Online service is free to use for all InDesign users. While it’s quite powerful, it does have limitations and must be hosted on Adobe’s servers. For many that is a non-starter. If you’re among those looking for something with more flexibility, contact me for help.

I’ve found in5 from Ajar Productions to be a powerful and flexible digital publishing solution. It doesn’t require a developer account and the content can easily be installed and updated on most desktop and mobile devices.

You’re just minutes away from getting started.