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I’m always happy to hear from clients or prospective clients. If you have any questions please use any of the methods below to contact me.

I’m based in New Jersey so allow for the time difference if you’re not located in the eastern time zone.


My office phone number is 908.605.4210. If nobody is available to take your call, it may be forwarded to a cell phone.

In the unlikely event that you do wind up in voice mail, please leave a message. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible.


My Skype handle is rj_levine. If you want to reach me that way, please let me know who you are in advance. Because of the proliferation of spammers, I don’t accept unsolicited contact requests.


Please use the contact form if you’d rather communicate via email. Be sure to double check your contact information before sending. I will not be able to reply if the email address or phone number is incorrect.

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